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The Foundation: A Technique Boot Camp for Beginner Silks w/ Veronica Blair

This workshop series will focus on three key elements that play a role in building a strong foundation on the aerial silks.

DAY 1 - 5/22/2019
The Breakdown - This workshop will familiarize students with the major muscle groups needed to safely invert, exercises to condition them and drills to develop straddle up proficiency. Participants will learn how to identify common pitfalls and how to safely and effectively perform inversions.

DAY 2 - 5/29/2019
Cross-back Straddle - Continuing to unlock inversions, this weeks focus will be on cross back straddle. Flexibility issues will be addressed, and students will learn how to use tension while using footlocks to protect their ankles, and low back while performing crossback straddle. Students will learn up to 5 entry variations into a cross back straddle as well as corresponding tricks to add to their repertoire!

DAY 3 - 6/5/2019
: The Hip-Key/Hip-Lock is essential to building a solid foundation on aerial silks or rope, but this seemingly “easy” maneuver is more than meets the eye. Hip-Key theory and movement progressions will be covered. Up to 5 alternate entries into Hip-Key other than the traditional “Scissor Legs” technique as well as corresponding tricks will be introduced.

DAY 4 - 6/12/2019
A Beginners Guide to Aerial Act Creation.  In this workshop, students will learn the theory behind basic aerial silks techniques to create seamless transitions. Through technique drills, games and music driven play, students will explore how to link tricks together and create their first aerial act.

Workshop Participant Prerequisites: Beginner to Advanced

Regular Price: $85

Series: $300

3 Sessions: $240


About Veronica:

Veronica Blair is a professional circus performer with over 15 years of performing and teaching experience. She is currently Head of Soft Aerial Apparatus at Circus Center in San Francisco, as well as Head Coach of the San Francisco Youth Circus. With an emphasis on foundational excellence, Veronica helps students develop proficiency and confidence that allows students to develop their own unique aerial style.

Veronica has since performed with several other renowned groups and productions around the globe such as AntiGravity, Universal Studios Japan and Warner Bros. Music. She has been a part of Germany’s most successful circus show, “AFRIKA! AFRIKA!” Veronica also was the lead aerialist in KAMAU’s “BooDha” music video with over 100k views.

Single enrollments must be approved by the instructor.  Please email us at for more information.

This series is for both beginner and advanced students (looking to brush up on technique). 

*All payments are non-refundable but may be converted into Aerial Artique account credit (minus a $15 processing fee) if cancellation is received more than 72 hours before the workshop.

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