Effective Jan 1, 2018

24-hour cancellation policy will be narrowed to 12-hour cancellation
 -If a class should have 0-1 students enrolled 12 hours before the class occurs it will be canceled and students will be notified. 
 -Students will be notified of cancellation by 7:30 pm the day before a class they have enrolled in and any evening classes by 2:30 pm the day of. 

No show/Late Canceling class
-Students will no longer receive a $15 charge to their account for being absent/Late canceling out of class. 
-Those who have debt on their account from this previous policy in 2017 will still be required to pay their debt in full. 
-Students who do not show or cancel late (within 12 hours of class) will have their class deducted from their account. 

Package Extensions
-Aerial Artique is able to extend class passes for deaths in the family, illness/injury, or proactive planning for travel or surgery (you must inform us beforehand).  
-All other situations, offered is a 30-day extension for a $15 fee from the day it is purchased.
-A 30-day extension may only be purchased up to two months after the package has expired.
-After 2 months the package is no longer eligible for extension

New students and level placement for aerial classes
-New students may not drop in on an upper-level class without approval.
-Established students may not drop in on an upper-level class without approval.
-New students will be reviewed for level placement by sending in a video to fulfilling the prereq's of the desired level they wish to attend. Prereq’s can be found on our new student page.
-Established students may send a video for review or schedule to review with an instructor at the end of a class they are currently attending. 


Please email with any questions.